Vaccinations against COVID-19

July 30, 2021

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Of course vaccinations will work. And you should get vaccinated if your immune system is vulnerable.

How do you know if your immune system is vulnerable to a natural-occurring, or human-made, virus?

You look in the mirror. If you see a human being, then you’re vulnerable.

Literally billions of people have been infected by the COVID-19 virus. A small percentage of those infected has died. A large percentage of people didn’t even know they were infected, that’s why the virus became a worldwide pandemic so fast.

The problem with the vaccines that are being used is that they were developed way too fast, without the proper study of the corona virus that causes the deaths. Until science properly studies the virus, and discovers a few particulars about its DNA and RNA structures that science has yet to discover, there will be variants, and the virus will continue to mutate. Mutations are solved by booster shots. That’s why science tells you to get a yearly flu shot. A corona virus is a type of flu virus.

If you have a good immune system, you’ll beat most any virus, especially this one.

How do you get a good immune system? You eat raw, healthy, natural foods.

Why does COVID-19 affect the poorer groups of humans? Because they can’t afford raw, healthy, natural foods.

Why can’t the poorer groups of humans afford these foods? Because their governments have social programs that provide foods, i.e. food stamps, credits, EBT, etc, that allow the poor to buy any unhealthy food they want, which they do, which makes them fat and unhealthy.

How did COVID-19 start?

For me to know and you to find out.

Just get vaccinated, get the boosters when they are available.

Or eat salad every day.

Regardless of how careful you are, or how many vaccine booster shots you receive, if this world doesn’t learn the important lessons that the inventors of the virus wanted humanity to learn, there will be another virus invented, a more deadly one.

Oh, and all you believers in God. Isn’t your god in charge of the virus? Isn’t that what God does to punish you for not doing good? Look up your god’s word about “pestilence” … that’s another word for pandemic.

If it’s your god’s will to punish the world with a pandemic, and you get the virus and are on your death bed, why in the world are you trying to fight God? Don’t get vaccinated, because you’re not showing faith in your god. (We need you gone back to your god anyways, so that we can start advancing forward with a greater degree of urgency.)

But anyways …

Christopher Nemelka


If you will set aside your excessive PRIDE and contact the Real Illuminati®, asking for their help, and you are not involved with a corporation or group that will begin profiting from the correct vaccine, they will help you come up with the correct one that will eliminate the virus completely.

But you can’t set aside that PRIDE or PROFIT, can you?

Well, they offered.

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