December 13, 2021

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15 For it shall come to pass, that all those who rise up against this great nation shall be subdued by its great armies and navies and means of force.

16 Even those who are its citizens who sue for peace, and who petition the government against war, shall be overcome by the passions of the wicked who think that the killing of their brothers and sisters of other nations is justifiable to save their own lives.

17 And this great patriotism shall blind the minds and harden the hearts of the citizens of this nation. And it shall come to pass that they shall put their trust in their leaders and cast out from among them all those who speak against its power and its glory.

18 And there shall be exceedingly powerful advancements in the weaponry of war of this nation, and its power shall be glorified by these great weapons, which have been built to murder through war any that speak against the beast.

19 And the leaders of this nation shall take pride in their weapons of war, and their names shall adorn them, and the people shall worship their leaders whose names shall adorn these great machineries of death that they shall cause to be built up among them.

20 And woe unto the leaders who have been sanctioned by the beast to stand among the people and gain their trust, and who use this trust to wage war against the children of God; yea, ye shall be in a state of exceeding torment and misery as ye watch from the spirit world, and witness the great destruction of your brothers and sisters, as the weapons which bear your names destroy them, and maim them, and blind them, and cause all manner of destruction to them.

21 And in your names shall these great weapons go forth and cause great turmoil throughout the earth. And they shall be the cause of many widows and orphans, and homelessness, and poverty and all manner of affliction among the children of men throughout the world; for in your ignorance, ye worship the beast, and ye destroy in the name of Satan.

22 And ye shall fulfill the prophecy of John in which he hath described you as a great beast who hath two horns like a lamb, and speaketh as a dragon.

23 For ye shall pretend that the wars that ye wage are wars for the sake of peace and righteousness, like unto a lamb, who is gentle in nature, but possesses its horns only to dissuade its enemies from harming it, thinking that these horns, which are on the head of the lamb, can inflict pain if it were attacked.

24 But ye are the beast, and speaketh by the mouth of Satan, which is the dragon; and all the wars that ye shall wage in the latter days shall be wars to protect your riches and those things which ye have received from Satan, because ye worship him and follow his broad way.

25 And all of your leaders and your politicians shall be from those who are rich, whose interests are served by the wars that they shall wage to destroy the other nations of the earth.

26 And woe unto all those of you who support your leaders in the spread of war and misery throughout the earth, because ye think in your hearts that ye are more righteous than the rest of the world.

27 Behold, the Father loveth all of His children throughout the whole earth; and hath he not commanded you to love one another and do unto them what ye would have them do unto you?

28 And what say ye if one of your neighbors, who is much stronger than you, cometh into your house and commandeth of you that ye worship as he worshippeth, and that ye follow in his ways, because he believeth that his ways are more righteous, and that your ways are wicked; and that if ye are left to pursue your ways without his intervention, then ye will destroy his righteousness and cause his children to suffer?

29 Yea, what say ye if he cometh into your house with his great weapons and subdueth you because ye cannot stand against his strength and power? Would ye think that this neighbor is righteous? Would ye do this to your neighbor?

30 And what of the great commandment of the Father that ye should love your enemies and do good to them that hate you and persecute you and despitefully use you, that ye may all be the same children of the one and only true God of heaven and earth, who is your Eternal Father? Do ye not understand this commandment and realize that He hath given this commandment unto you for your happiness?

31 Behold, it shall come to pass that your pride and your arrogance and your hate for your enemies shall be the means of your own destruction in the latter days.

32 And when ye should have been constructing houses, and gardens, and naming these things after your leaders, which would do good unto the people of the world and would not destroy them; yea, instead of doing these things, ye shall be destroying the fathers and mothers, and the sisters and the brothers, the uncles and the aunts of your enemies.

33 And when ye have destroyed them, then their sons and daughters, and their sisters and brothers, and their nieces and nephews shall rise up against you and hate you.

34 And because ye are more powerful than they shall be, they shall not come up against you in open, but shall come in among you in those parts of your society that are weak and vulnerable to their attacks.

35 And in spite of your technology and your great weapons of destruction, in their vengeance they shall begin to kill your children, and your brothers and your sisters, and your loved ones.

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