***WARNING*** Be very careful reading and following my social profile.

July 29, 2021

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DO NOT READ OR FOLLOW ME IF YOU VALUE YOUR OWN OPINION AND UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY TO SUCH A DEGREE THAT LOGICAL INFORMATION WILL OFFEND YOU. (I am really, really, really good at offending people, not by confronting them, but because they read my posts and confront me, leaving an unsolicited comment.)


I do not follow anyone else’s social page, I have no designated friends, nor do I comment on anyone’s social profile.

IF you find it necessary to comment on something I post, BE PREPARED TO EXPERIENCE THE CONSEQUENCES of dealing with someone who knows and knows that he knows, as mentioned in the Real Illuminati®’s most recent (FREE) publication. Consider what they published about me as one of their “True Messengers”:

“The True Messenger whom we symbolically presented in our book of Revelation is simply a person from whose mouth the Real Truth™ is given. When the Real Truth™ is given, it is more reasonable, more logical, and makes more sense than what is given by the philosophies of men mingled with their scriptures.

“Nothing that religious leaders teach can be proven with common sense and honesty. Most of what these leaders do is done in secret. When possible, religious leaders combine the power that they hold over their followers’ minds, with the power of the laws of the land held by the government officials who support the lies of the religion in which these officials believe.

“When a True Messenger confronts the lies of religion and exposes the secret combinations in which the leaders of religion, government, and business engage, these deceptive men use the power of their institutions to do everything in their power to silence the “sharp two-edged sword” of Real Truth™ coming out of the messenger’s mouth.

“A True Messenger can confound any lie of any person or of any institution, regardless of the person’s power over the minds and hearts of the masses. If there comes a time when a True Messenger is protected by the laws of the land, and these laws protect the messenger from the threats of the institutions to which the masses have submitted their minds and hearts, then that True Messenger will be safe to explain things as they are, as they were, and as they are to come.

“What such a True Messenger says … what comes out of his mouth … silences these powers and proves to the masses that their leaders and institutions are liars, and have been from the beginning.

“What a True Messenger says makes sense. Regardless of whether or not the masses listen, the Real Truth™ will always make more sense than a lie. This is what angers the masses and their leaders. If a True Messenger’s message or teachings did not make sense, then the powers on Earth that hold the minds of the masses in captivity would not become angry and seek to destroy such a True Messenger. Such a messenger would be ignored or laughed off as being insane. Something that doesn’t make sense does not threaten the pride of those who know not, and know not that they know not, but who have convinced others that they know.” (Quoted from, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon, pages 60-61.)

I do NOT want to make anyone look stupid. But I WILL respond to any comments made on any of my public posts, unless the comment is nothing more than name calling.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I would rather make you laugh than make you angry. But it seems that the latter is what usually takes place when someone attempts to debate the information I share. This is because I receive it from a group of humans whose knowledge and wisdom makes those who belong to MENSA appear foolish. (And I would welcome any challenge from any of you MENSAnites, who think you know, but know not. I’ve NEVER met one I couldn’t confound easily with the information I have received from the REAL Illuminati®, or rather, those who are REALLY illuminated with Real Truth™.)

I do not need to defend what I have done or do in my life. It doesn’t matter what I say. People who hold an opinion of me, good or bad, don’t want to admit they might be wrong … either way.

If I wanted to be selfish, I’d keep all that I know and have learned to myself, stay hidden in a “cavity in a rock,” and watch humanity destroy itself.

However, there are those who want to learn Real Truth™. And it is for these few that I will keep this social profile as long as it is asked of me. (The Real Illuminati™ are in the process of setting up their own private server to protect the integrity of their work, of which I have been involved for many, many years.)

I am NOT glad to be back on social media.

But anyways …

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