Watch in disgust as you consider the first thing these Americans purchased with their stimulus money

October 9, 2021


Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave Story, Here’s What Happened Today, Tuesday, Sept 7, 2021.

Each one of these people videotaped recently in Philadelphia—the proud birthplace of American democracy—received hundreds of dollars from the government through pandemic stimulus payments.

Watch in disgust as you consider the first thing these Americans purchased with their stimulus money.

The U.S. government should have simply gone into the streets and given these human beings the drug of their choice.

These people are human beings—someone’s daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, grandchildren.

20 years ago, these were the little children about whom most religious charities, and NGOs were so concerned.

This same thing is happening throughout the world in most major cities.

THESE PEOPLE ARE HUMAN BEINGS OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO THE TRUE GOD OF HUMANITY … not to the god of this world, to whom people pray and receive answers, revelation, and inspiration … BUT TO THE TRUE GOD OF HUMANITY.

This could very well happen to one of your loved ones. What are you going to think about these people then?

These are my loved ones, members of MY OWN FAMILY.

I will be spending the rest of my life saving them.

Starting with my new show, Zeitgeist of Real Truth™.

Tune in and I’ll explain how I am going to help save them.

And I can assure you that the proper way to save these people has nothing to do with what the world’s governments and religions are doing for them.

My role as a True Messenger—having been taught by the Real Illuminati®—is to have a sharp two-edged sword proceed forth from my mouth.

Tune in.

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