Watching this world fall apart from a “cavity in a rock.”

May 14, 2022

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The people of this world are so deceived; I find it hard at times to want to give them any new information. Feeling so, I often want to stay in my “cave” and do nothing.

But, here’s some cool stuff for the few who follow the work that I do:

There are main examples (stories/subplots) in the Real Illuminati®’s new American scripture* of True Messengers giving up on the people and isolating themselves to watch society destroy itself.

Before I give these examples, I want to reiterate the Real Truth® about the existence of what is known in religious circles as the *Book of Mormon.

A substantial amount of profound evidence proving that the Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith, Jr., under the direction of the Real Illuminati®, was provided in the recently published book, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon.

ATTENTION LDS/MORMONS … and anyone else who has been deceived into believing that the gold plates, the props used by the Real Illuminati® to give substantive and affirmative credibility to their 19th century scripture, contain the actual history of the native American peoples:

There isn’t a scholar, priest, pundit, expert, historian … or any other trained secular or religious minister … who can competently debate the evidence given in the above book. One need only read and study the book to obtain all the evidence needed to prove that the Book of Mormon is not what the LDS/Mormons believe it is.

Further, and more astoundingly, even if the Book of Mormon were what the majority of LDS/Mormons claim it to be—another word of God comparable to the Bible—no honest person can argue that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the most popular and mainstream Mormon faith) abides by ANY lesson or doctrine presented in the Book of Mormon. The above-named book also gives evidence of this … in abundance.

However, the world would benefit greatly, if people simply read the Book of Mormon for themselves and tried to figure out what message and lessons the Real Illuminati® were trying to share and teach. If the Book of Mormon‘s pure presentation is studied and considered in full context … not how the LDS/Mormons present it, read from it, or quote it out-of-context … one will discover that every single one of the prophecies given has either been fulfilled or is being fulfilled.

One might ask, “How did the Real Illuminati® know what to include in the prophecies they incorporated into the Book of Mormon?”

The simple answer to this question is BECAUSE THEY ARE THE REAL ILLUMINATI®—the few who have been illuminated with the Real Truth®.

One need not accept that these illuminated ones are who they claim to be. One could easily and credibly suppose these people could have simply kept track of history, or read all the history books and accounts available. With this knowledge, and knowing that human history more often than not repeats itself, an idiot like me could write prophecies about what is happening and is going to happen.

But only a fool would believe that a 19-year-old kid made it all up on his own.

I wrote The Sealed Portion of the gold plates (from which the Book of Mormon was written), under the direction of the same group that helped Joseph Smith write the unsealed part. The Sealed Portion was published in 2004. One need only read The Sealed Portion to know that it would be impossible for a guy like me to write it.

The proof of how powerful The Sealed Portion is can be found in the stories of people who were once staunch and faithful, unwavering members of the LDS/Mormon faith. Just by reading ONLY ONE BOOK, with a sincere heart and real intent, all of the brainwashing and deception perpetrated by the LDS/Mormon religions are removed … even from the most staunch believer.

The Book of Mormon was written purposefully to have the power to change the minds of any Bible-believer. The true authors knew what they were doing. If they knew what they needed to do to affect the blind eyes and closed minds of believers, they knew they could use the same technique to affect the blind eyes and closed minds of the Book of Mormon believers. The Sealed Portion has that kind of power.

There is an online personal story … one of many … of Monica R. Smith. She was an unwavering LDS/Mormon, probably more so than any other in her family. By reading ONLY ONE BOOK, The Sealed Portion, Monica’s faith in her church and its leaders could not stand up to the incredible information, but more so, to how this information was laid out and presented.

It wasn’t the Book of Mormon that had deceived Monica. It was the leaders of her church. Monica was, like so many others are, deceived into believing there is a god who only talks to certain appointed priesthood men to give God’s will to the rest of the world. Yet … although the LDS/Mormons claim that this is the case … there isn’t another religion upon this planet in which its lay members call upon Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit on a daily basis to lead them, guide them, walk beside them, and help them find the way.

These deceived people believe that God and Jesus are aware of them, personally, and listen to and answer their personal prayers, along with the counsel they receive from their church leaders.

Incredulously, the exact opposite is taught to these deceived ones, while they sit in their temples and listen to what they believe to be God’s holiest of priesthood ordinances. During the temple endowment presentation in the part that represents mortal life upon the earth, neither Heavenly Father nor Jesus has anything to do with mortals … not even a glimpse of or nod towards what is happening upon the earth. The endowment teaches that the ONLY source of inspiration and answers to prayers is Lucifer—the god of this world.

Once the likes of a Monica Smith have this Real Truth® pointed out to them, these blind people admit their gross error and are often embarrassed that they sat in the temple, many times, and were told, as clearly as could be presented in the endowment, that God and Jesus have NOTHING to do with mortals living upon the earth, in its present state, EXCEPT THROUGH CHOSEN TRUE MESSENGERS.

Some LDS/Mormon apologists will claim that the three messengers to whom God and Jesus speak represent the First Presidency of their church. They would argue the temple endowment represents God and Jesus speaking to these three messengers and sending them to the earth to teach Adam, Eve, and their posterity.

Now, these apology makers might have something here … NOT!

If these sincere apologizers made any sense about ONLY church leaders—whom they might claim are the Three True Messengers presented in the temple endowment—being inspired by God and Jesus, THEN NO MEMBER WOULD BELIEVE THAT HE OR SHE IS SPEAKING DIRECTLY WITH HEAVENLY FATHER AND JESUS AND RECEIVING INFORMATION AND DIRECTION. Members would be forced to accept that ONLY the THREE MESSENGERS designated by God and Jesus can lead them in paths of righteousness. LUCIFER IS DECEIVING EVERYONE OTHER THAN THESE APPOINTED LEADERS.

Now, if the leadership of this church could get their members to believe this, a lot of the nonsense that members do when they think they are being directed by the Holy Spirit or by Heavenly Father would stop.

A recent case involving once staunch LDS/Mormons Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell presents a good example of what members might do if they think they are being directed by the Holy Spirit or Heavenly Father. IF THESE FOOLS WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED THAT THEY CANNOT, AND DO NOT, RECEIVE ANY INSPIRATION FROM ANYONE BUT LUCIFER, and that they are taught ONLY to listen to the First Presidency of the Church, a lot of innocent people would still be alive.

If you ever were to find yourself in the presence of a faithful Latter-day Saint, and they were not lying to you or pretending to be something they are not, you’d think that you were in the presence of a prophet … someone who has a direct connection with Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You wouldn’t believe how often these deceived people mention one of the Godhead in their daily interactions, especially as they pray about pretty much … EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately, because LDS/Mormons act so darn weird, and their pride and egos are so impenetrable by anything they don’t believe is directly revealed to their minds, PERSONALLY, by Heavenly Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, the rest of the world kind of has a right to mock these people. It’s insane!

If you think all of that is pretty much crazy, watch this clip of their prophet, seer, and revelator, Russel M. Nelson:


Nelson says, at about 0:55, “I now invite our colleagues in the media to treat this VERY sacred observance with dignity and respect.”

In other words, Nelson was warning the media, in the passive-aggressive way this wealthy church does, that, if the Church is mocked, ALL of the Mormon money and investments into the Church’s vast media outlets will be susceptible to withdrawal.

Furthermore, Nelson explains what this waving of the handkerchief symbolizes: “This is a sacred tribute to the Father and the Son, symbolizing the reaction of the multitudes when the Savior made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.”

So, if we read Jesus’ story correctly and honestly, the EXACT SAME PEOPLE WHO REACTED TO HIS COMING INTO JERUSALEM … by waving their ancient types of hankies (palm leaves) … ALSO KILLED HIM!

And then this deceptive LDS prophet states, “It also reaffirms what young Joseph experienced that day in the Sacred Grove, namely that the Father and the Son are two glorified beings whom we worship and praise.”

So, dear Brother Nelson, which account of Joseph’s First Vision are you “reaffirming”? There were at least three different accounts. And …

Do you actually read the Book of Mormon? Show us anywhere in the Book of Mormon where it teaches that the Father and Son are two glorified beings. Your own Book of Mormon teaches that the Father and the Son are the EXACT SAME BEING. By all means … “READ THE DAMN BOOK!”—the late Ida Smith.

The way the LDS/Mormons are mesmerized and deceived is almost unbelievable, unless you were once mesmerized and deceived by this incredibly deceptive religion too.

Russel M. Nelson would last 10 minutes in a room with me, until I completely silenced everything that came out of his deceptive mouth.

But don’t believe me …


Then read The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ, and the chains of ignorance and blindness will be unlocked … and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!

No matter how hard Joseph Smith and I have tried to open up the blind eyes and soften the hardened hearts of the religiously deceived … no matter how simply and clearly we tried to deliver the same message …

Behold, the LDS/Mormon people were and are a stiffnecked people; and they despise the words of plainness; they killed Joseph … and they desire to kill me … and seek for things that they cannot understand. Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness comes by looking beyond the mark, they must needs fall; for God hath taken away his plainness from them, and commanded Joseph and me to deliver unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it. And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble. (Compare BOM, Jacob 4:14.)

Chapter Two of the book on which I am working, Joe, Me, and the Real Illuminati®, is about how easily people are deceived. I called it, Without Disclosing Our True Identity. (I just published it.)

I have more to write about this subject; but I don’t want to write any longer.


If there are other advanced human civilizations in the universe, and their technology is much more advanced than our own, why haven’t they made contact with our planet? Is there such a thing as non-human alien beings?

The easiest answer to the first part is simple:

THEY ALREADY HAVE AND ARE—EVERY SECOND, OF EVERY MINUTE, OF EVERY HOUR, OF EVERY DAY—a highly advanced human civilization has continued contact with our Planet Earth. … I’ll explain this in detail tomorrow … or the next day … whenever I want to … Sigh … Sigh … back to the cave.

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