What now? Where the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is headed — what’s next to accomplish?

September 19, 2022

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We're ALL special!

Let me make it easy …

The only reason why you exist is because your True Self chose this solar system’s life experience in order to enhance your True Self’s eternal life experience. … Okay, that wasn’t too easy for your present mortal brain to handle.

Consider this,

Who are you exactly?

Ya got one of two choices to accept about your current Self:

  1. When you die that’s it. You’re done. There’s no more you. Your mortal brain — responsible for being YOU — stops working and YOU are no more.
  2. You die and your life experience on this earth ends. Then you realize that some part of you is still conscious, but not on planet Earth … somewhere else. But where? (You’ll figure it out then … but I’ll explain some of it below so you don’t have to wonder about it.)

You have your free will to choose option 1 or option 2 … at least as far as the current YOU has the ability to choose an option. However, it doesn’t matter which option you choose as “your truth,” the Real Truth® always trumps and overrides “your truth” when “your truth” is not the way things really are. When you die, you’ll either (pronounced “eethur” not eyethur”) still be conscious as someone, or you won’t be conscious to think about it.


I can debate you on “your truth,” and there’s no doubt in my mind that you will not win. But neither (pronounced properly “neethur” … and if you pronounce it “neyethur,” stop reading, I got nothing for you and have no desire to communicate with your pretentious manner of believing that you know how to pronounce these words properly … ’cause ya don’t … and I don’t like pretentious people … But anyways … :-) ) …

But neither will I win a debate between “your truth” and the Real Truth®, because you won’t consider anything other than what you have already accepted in your mind as “your truth.”


If you already think “your truth” is the Real Truth®, please stop reading. I’ve got nothing for you. Don’t waste your or my time reading something that you won’t accept anyway.

Or if you think you’re so smart, and that “your truth” IS the Real Truth®, then let’s have a little debate to see how well “your truth” stands up to the Real Truth® — things as they really are and as they really were in the past, which helps us have a better understanding of how things really will be in the future.

You see, the Real Truth® is not based on anything other than logic and reason. A rational person with a mild degree of intelligence will react to the Real Truth® in one of two ways:

  1. They’ll get pissed and stop listening because it makes more sense than anything they’ve ever considered before; or
  2. They will humbly admit that things as they really are, are not how they have seen things; and, therefore, they must agree that they don’t have a clue about how things really are.

So, let’s begin by talking about things as they really are:

Who made you?

To answer this, look in the mirror.


“You” are a product of a sexual encounter between two people you call your parents. You look like them. And whatever propensities of character and physical traits that they passed on to you made “YOU.” There’s no doubt that some of those propensities and traits are not truly who you might perceive as the “perfect you.” (Yeah, be honest when you look into that mirror. If you compare yourself to someone whom you think is a very beautiful human being, how do you stack up? Be honest.)

What would you look like … how would you present yourself … if you could change your physical appearance? Oh … wait! Most people spend hours upon hours changing their physical appearance, presenting themselves, not as they really are, but as they want to appear, hoping to be accepted by others in that way. Few people are satisfied with their natural physical appearance. And, guess what? … and, geez, this one is hard for people to take … If you change your physical appearance to attract another person (in any way, shape, or form), you’re lying to that person about what you really look like.

Oh, but, Christopher! Shouldn’t people love us for who we are inside?

No … they shouldn’t! If you’re lying to people by making yourself more attractive than what you really are, and, when they finally see what you really look like, they are appalled, and then they like you less because of how you really look, which means that they were really only attracted to your made-up looks.

But alas … that is how our world is. We started off our human experience on this earth not giving a rat’s ass about what we looked like. Then, we were presented with how the world wants us to look in order to be more loved.

When I watch TikTok videos, I often wonder how many hours these people spend preparing for their three minutes of presentation where they lie to people, trying to get people to like them? (Wait a minute … I just found out that you can make a 10-minute TikTok video … Good Lord!) I like watching TikTok … It proves to me just how messed up the human experience upon this earth has become … Sigh … But it’s all good when you know the Real Truth®.

I often go off topic and regress to things that don’t have anything to do with the main theme of my post (communication), because that’s how I am. (I inherited that propensity from my mother. Thank God I got a lot from my mother to counter the stuff I inherited from my father, and vice versa. This was the perfect combination, allowing me to become who I am today.)

Let’s talk about this inheritance now.

Before we can, we must tackle a bit more about who the “Real You” is …

IF you cease to exist and are no longer conscious when your mortal brain stops functioning, then YOU are nothing more than who you are during your life experience upon this earth. Once YOU’re dead, YOU are completely done. No one will ever see you again. You will never exist again.

Of course, never existing again is something hard for people to accept. Okay … If you give me some of your money, honor, glory, and you obey me, I’ll invent a story that will prove to you that YOU … the mortal YOU who YOU see in the mirror … will continue to exist forever.

Jesus resurrected and was the first person to do so. But, wait a minute! According to the story, when Jesus resurrected, one of his closest friends, Mary, didn’t recognize him. WTF? If she didn’t recognize him, then what did he look like as a resurrected being?

And that “doubting Thomas” dude … What about him? Jesus appeared in a room filled with his friends, but they still doubted that it was him. What did Jesus look like when he was resurrected into his perfect physical body?

Maybe, before Jesus resurrected, he looked in a mirror, pulled a few nose and eyebrow hairs, combed his hair, shaved, and made sure he looked his best.

Yeah, think about it, ladies. How much makeup are you going to have to apply for the eternities in order to look your absolute eternal best? Are you going to have to wear a wig or fake eyelashes? You get the picture.

Let’s say there’s such a thing as the resurrection and you resurrect (come alive) looking like you currently do. How else would your family and friends recognize you? What age will you be? (I’m damn lucky that I’m 6′ 2″ tall and sexier than Jesus … Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! I can still bench press over 200 lbs … and I can set a french fry on my belly flap, saving it until I’m ready to eat it. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!)

Come on, Folks!

If “your truth” includes the idea that you’re going to look like you did when you inherited your parents’ DNA, then go to your local Walmart, walk around, and you will see how unkind and unfair God has been in establishing a protocol of mortal and eternal life for His children … the Prick!

Just use reason and common sense … If you are going to be conscious after your mortal brain stops functioning, then this “you” is going to be the same “you” you were before you were a conscious Earthling.

Come on all-ya-all religious people! Did God create YOU?! If He did, with whom did God copulate in order to create the bodies for Adam and Eve?

And you foolish LDS/Mormons … Did you ever pay attention when you received your holy endowment? Who was Adam before he was Adam? He was the God Michael, an equal being with Elohim and Jehovah.

What did Michael look like before he came to the earth as Adam?

Did you ever think about that?

Brigham Young changed the original endowment presentation and took out the original last scene — where Adam wakes up from the deep sleep and sees that he was actually the god Michael the entire time, just dreaming he was Adam as a mortal. Because your wicked leaders removed this last scene, and won’t let any of you fools discuss it, you’re not allowed to consider what happened to Adam (and Eve — who was taken from his rib) when Michael realized that he has always been Michael, but was dreaming that he was Adam.

If God created you and you lived with God before coming to this mortal life, THEN REASON SCREAMS THAT YOUR ETERNAL SELF LOOKS LIKE THE PERSON WHO GOD CREATED … not who Ma and Pa Kettle created!

I mean, really?! WTF are you thinking, religious people?

If there’s any truth to God creating you at his home before you came to the earth, and you return home to God after you die, WHAT DO YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE?

It’s common sense, but VERY hard for people to consider and accept. Why? Because if your “eternal Self” is not your “mortal Self,” then that means that all the relationships and experiences you have as your “mortal Self” don’t matter when you die.

Okay, okay … I’ll give you what you want … for 10% of your money, honoring me as a prophet, seer, and revelator … God’s only one … I’ll flatter you …

Eternal families are when you, as a mortal, and your wife with whom you have been sealed in one of God’s mortal houses … Holiness to the Lord … and your children with whom you have also been sealed … die and still continue to be a family.

That’s really cool to think about things that way.

But does it make any sense?

Of course it doesn’t make any sense! But you’re not concerned about what makes sense and what does not; all you care about is what feels good.

I can make you feel good … Again, pay me 10% of your money, honor and sustain me as your spiritual leader, and I’ll make you feel really, really good.

I can either do that (again, it’s pronounced eethur, not eyethur) or I can tell you the Real Truth®.

I can make you feel good by telling you that you can be sealed to your family forever, and that it’s okay to become rich, famous, and successful in this world. Go ahead, invest in the Stock Market, regardless of what it does to anyone else. Make a good profit from your business ventures, earn lots of money for your family. “Do this, and there is no iniquity; do that and ye shall not suffer; … Walk after the pride of your own hearts; yea, walk after the pride of your eyes, and do whatsoever your heart desireth.”

But remember, “lift [me] up, and … give unto [me] of your substance; … give unto [me] of your gold, and of your silver, and … clothe [me] with costly apparel; and [I will speak] flattering words unto you, and [I will tell you] that all is well, [and] ye will not find fault with [me]. Yep, I am a well-dressed, well-groomed General Authority … thank you very much!

But when I speak the Real Truth®, and it “testifieth of your sins and inquities, ye are angry with [me], and cast [me] out and seek all manner of ways to destroy [me]; yea, you will say that [I am] a false prophet, and that [I am] a sinner, and of the devil, because [I] testifieth that your deeds are evil.”

Yeah, I just quoted the Real Illuminati®’s new American scripture, the Book of Mormon, about one of its story’s True Messengers, who wasn’t a member of God’s church, but who was commanded to go to the leaders and members of God’s church and tell them how evil they really were.

It’s amazing how apropos and perfect this part of the story is as it describes perfectly how the modern LDS/Mormons have become … all of whom, including their leaders and church, are doing more to cause problems on this earth than any other group.

Do the “Mormons” deserve the chant they received from the fans of the opposing side when they played their last football game as Brigham Young University?

Now, there is no reason for a person to be mean to another person, but I am always mean to the LDS/Mormons. Not as individuals, but as a group. I rather like the open discussion these guys were having about what happened during BYU’s last football game.

My role is to be like the Book of Mormon’s Samuel the Lamanite, whose words I used above. I am very upset and motivated against the LDS/Mormons and their church because of how they use, abuse, misinterpret, and transfigure the Book of Mormon’s message.

These people have so, so many sources from which they could glean Real Truth®, but instead, they are “false” and have “unsteady hearts” because of their prosperity and worldly success, which these people believe are because of their blessings from the Lord.

Oh, okay … Let’s assume that they were blessed by the Lord to become the wealthiest church on Earth. But then there’s this part of their own scripture, to which they obviously pay no attention:

“And thus we can behold how false, and also the unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men; yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth bless and prosper those who put their trust in him.

“Yea, and we may see at the very time when he doth prosper his people, yea, in the increase of their fields, their flocks and their herds, and in gold, and in silver, and in all manner of precious things of every kind and art; sparing their lives, and delivering them out of the hands of their enemies; softening the hearts of their enemies that they should not declare wars against them; yea, and in fine, doing all things for the welfare and happiness of his people; yea, then is the time that they do harden their hearts, and do forget the Lord their God, and do trample under their feet the Holy One—yea, and this because of their ease, and their exceedingly great prosperity.”

—BOM, Helaman 12:1–2.

Yeah, it is pretty easy to forget the following about your mortal life:

“O how great is the nothingness of the children of men; yea, even they are less than the dust of the earth.” (BOM, Helaman 12:17; emphasis added.)

The Book of Mormon, it’s Sealed Portion, and I are not too comfortable to read and listen to.

The Real Truth® is … And this is only for those who chose option 2 above …

When you die, you will be conscious on another planet in our universe. You will be very comfortable with who you are, for the most part, because you will not know a time when you were not this incredible human being, equal to all other human beings — just as beautiful and just as important.

Just like mortal little children see and interact with each other, your True Self will have no issue with your life, and you will proceed with your real life as an eternal human being.

Nothing that you did while upon this earth will matter in the slightest … except for one thing, and one thing only:


Yep, the ONLY JUDGMENT you will make of yourself is how you treated your fellow human beings.

You might reward your ego, knowing that you spent all of your mortal life focusing on your family and making sure your children had everything they needed in life. Your family was the most important thing to you.

But what happens to this family unit once you are conscious again and aware that you made the choice of Planet Earth as the place where you wanted to have a new life experience?

As your True Self, you’ll be able to find other advanced, eternal humans in this real world, who are still participating in the mortal life experience upon the earth, many as members of your mortal family. Approaching them as your True Self, interacting with their True Self, you will recognize the silliness and uselessness of everything that you thought you did that was good for them.

Imagine that. You, as an advanced human being speaking with another advanced human being, “See all those things I did for you while I was living the dream of mortal life upon that planet?”

Their response, “What did you do for me? What you did for me was to take away from the experience that I wanted on that planet. You impeded my free will, made your wishes and desires seem more important than mine, and screwed up my experience. Thank the Eternal God of Everything that you are no longer living in the Earth experience so that I can realize the purpose for which I wanted to join that particular planet in the first place — to test myself.”

There isn’t a real human being, living in our real eternal existence, who recognizes any other human being as a father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandpa or grandma, or any of the other relationships we encounter here upon this earth.

When Adam died and became Michael again, he realized that he had fucked up by partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil upon the earth and getting punished for doing it. He is now glad that he is no longer married to Eve, who convinced him to do something stupid in the first place, just so they could share their egos … and have sex. (Now, all this is allegoric. None of the religious stories told upon this earth are even close to the Real Truth®.)

In some of my most recent posts, I explained a bit more Real Truth® about why advanced humans choose this particular planet in order to have a new life experience.

Yes, as advanced humans, we CHOOSE what planet — out of the infinite number that there are in our universe — we want to connect with, in order to have a new experience. And we do not choose an experience that will not test us and challenge us.

Another Real Truth® about human existence:

All of us have an ego. As advanced humans, just like it is as mortals living upon this earth, we want to become the best that we can become. We want to challenge our existence … our Self … and see what we’re made of; or rather, how we compare with everyone else.

I’ve explained that there are advanced humans who have special designated powers that make them the overseers, i.e., the law givers and enforcers, who can pretty much do anything that they want. As advanced humans, we know that no human will be given this power unless the person has proven that they will ALWAYS use it properly … always for the best for other people in support of the reason why humans exist as the most advanced compendium of matter possible.

As advanced humans, we see the possibilities of possessing this incredible power. We honor these individuals. These individuals are the most popular, the most desirable, and the best humans possible.

Our eternal punishment is knowing that we are not like these individuals (which include all advanced human creators), not because we don’t want to be like them, but because, in being like them, we aren’t as happy as we are not being like them. But it is always in the back of our mind that they are better than us.

What I haven’t explained is, what these incredible human beings are like.

What I have explained is that, if you, as a mortal, are satisfied with “your truth,” with your family, with your successes, and are living a comfortable life upon this earth, then your happiness is not in serving others’ needs of happiness. And that’s okay.

You’re always going to test yourself … always … worlds without end.

So, you’re a person who thinks you’re a pretty good person. You think, “I think I would be a great overseer and creator. I don’t want to hurt others. I want others to be as happy as I am.”

Everyone thinks this, for the most part. Those who don’t think this are unhappy with who they are, reject their bad behavior, and usually do not deceive themselves into thinking they are a good person when they are not.

There’s one thing about connecting to a mortal experience on one of the universe’s planets when you’re actually an eternal, advanced human living on the planet of your choice, endlessly, until you choose not to live there any longer:

YOUR MORTAL EXPERIENCE DOESN’T LIE. The experience plays out according to what makes you the most happy and comfortable.

No matter how good you think you are, your mortal life experiences do not lie.


I love my kids! I will always love my kids! They are special to me.

That makes you feel happy and comfortable.

But you do not consider what happens when you love your kids and treat them differently than you do all the other kids in the world. A person who has the propensities and traits of an overseer, does not love any other person differently than they do everyone else. They are not comfortable loving and caring about any one person over and above another.

Can you imagine an overseer, with all the power over anything and everything, feeling a special bond and having a special feeling towards another person?

Come on, Folks!

Here’s your test:

For whatever reason, another mortal is holding a gun to your child’s head. You are holding a gun to this mortal’s head. In fact, you need only use a thought and the guy will pass out and die before he pulls the trigger.

What are you comfortable doing?

Would you be okay with the decision to let that mortal rape and kill your innocent child?

Of course not!

Because your child is special to you … and the free-willed choice of that other person is not special to you¸, because you do not know the other person.

Okay, then … then there’s this:

Let’s say it is your beloved child who, in a moment of despair, is holding a gun to another child’s head. The only way you can save the child, who you don’t know, but to whose head your beloved child is holding a gun, is to kill your beloved child.

Let’s digress to the Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell upcoming trial for first degree murder.

Vallow was convinced by Daybell that her children could grow up to do evil things. Therefore, to save her children from eternal hell, Vallow agreed to allow her kids to be murdered by their uncle Alex. Alex was going to die anyway, so why not kill a couple of innocent kids, so that they don’t grow up to do something evil that will ruin their eternal salvation?

Lori Vallow sacrificed her own life for the eternal salvation of her children.

Damn, I would be a great defense attorney for these two LDS/Mormon people, who, because of “their truth,” did what is appalling to most people.

As their attorney, I would ask them, “Do you want to die and join your kids or spend the rest of your mortal life in prison? It’s your choice, because you’re not going to win your case.”

However, I would file a civil lawsuit against their church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for causing you to believe that you can communicate with the Lord through the Holy Spirit and do what God commands you to do. This belief is not your fault. And, to help millions of others who think that they can communicate with God and receive personal revelation to do things that they believe are good and inline with God’s will, I would sue this evil church and make them responsible for perpetuating such a ridiculous thing.

Oh, you can be assured that the LDS Church is doing everything in its power to keep the Vallow/Daybell case from going to trial. If it does, this ridiculous doctrine of a person being able to communicate with and receive revelation from God through the Holy Spirit will be put on trial.

The LDS Church used its power to keep Mark Hoffman from going to trial in 1985. The LDS leaders lied about their involvement with Hoffman. The true history of this church would have been made public and put on trial. The power of the LDS Church is real. Its secret combination with political and business powers is prevalent in all of its decisions.

I would prove in a court of law that the LDS Church is liable for the insidious lies that it teaches its members in regards to a mortal upon this earth receiving direct revelation from God or Jesus. I would put Russell M. Nelson on the stand and force him to answer questions about the temple endowment, which members are not allowed to discuss, and which teaches, clearly, that while going through the mortal experience, NO MORTAL HAS THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE WITH GOD, BUT RECEIVES INSPIRATION AND ANSWERS TO PRAYERS DIRECTLY FROM LUCIFER.

Had this corrupt church taught its members what Joseph Smith wanted them to know about personal revelation and the answers to prayers, Vallow’s children, ex-husband, brother, and Daybell’s wife would still be alive.

Yeah, that evil religious institution needs to be brought to justice as an accessory to murder. Yeah, I said it. And it’s very true!

But, on the other hand, if I were the LDS Church’s legal counsel, I would present the fact that the members all have access to the temple endowment. And, if they would have paid attention while receiving it, they would have never thought that Elohim nor Jehovah has anything to do with the crazy idea of killing people. They would have seen that the ONLY entity that hears and answers any member’s prayers is, and will always be, Lucifer —the god of this world.

It’s not the LDS leaders’ fault that the members don’t pay attention when they receive their endowments.

Damn, I would have been a good attorney … made shit loads of money … and have been completely unhappy with my mortal experience.

My mortal experience is pretty simple to understand:

I am going to explain, in detail, and in very deed, how the people living upon this planet can solve worldwide poverty, without taking from the rich, or impeding the free will of any other mortal person. Besides explaining the Real Truth® about all things, that’s what I am working on now.

That’s right! Little Ol’ me is going to explain precisely what humans on this planet need to do to bring peace, equity, and goodwill to this earth.

Will I be rejected?

Yeah, probably.

Do I need help doing my job?

Yeah, I do.

The few who are living in this mortal experience who have agreed to help me, are being put in their place.

Do I need any other MWAW people?

Hell to the no!

There’s no such thing as a “MWAW person.” That’s absurd!

When you look to another person to lead you, guide you, walk beside you, and help you find the way, you are giving up your free will. When the few see me as their True Messenger and their only source of Real Truth®, this perception completely negates the purpose for which they chose this mortal experience.

I am a messenger —not a guru, prophet, seer, revelator, or leader of any kind.

I have a message for this world. That’s it — nothing more and nothing less!

I am going to tell this world how to save itself, and give each person living here the opportunity to get involved or not.

I know that most will not get involved. It’s not the reason why they’re here.

And if you contact me and ask me how you can be involved …

I will respond:

“Fuck you. How the hell am I supposed to know what YOUR TRUE SELF wants you to do? If you were like me, you’d figure out what you’re supposed to do on your own. And if you can’t explain clearly how to end poverty on this earth, you don’t know shit about shit, and you might as well keep finding happiness and comfort far away from me.”

Yeah, the few have always depended on me to tell them what they’re supposed to do. That’s what these have been used to their entire lives. They need someone to tell them what to do.

“Oh, you want religion. I’ll have someone here shortly to preach to you.”

And that Preacher is no longer going to be me.

For this reason, I will not be meeting with any other person on this earth, except those few who can find no joy or purpose in their mortal life except in helping to solve poverty, which is the first step that any successful human civilization must do before it can move on to becoming a good society of people.

Do you gain happiness in any other way except concentrating on ending poverty in this world?

Yeah, most of you find happiness and comfort in your family units, in your communities, in your jobs, and in your existence as a mortal human.

Good for you!

There’s nothing wrong with this.

The Real Illuminati®’s work, a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, will do what it needs to do before my time on this earth is done.

For the next few months, I will be working on the final book of their Trilogy — One People, One World, One Government.

With this book, we will be taking away any excuse the people living upon this earth have about not ending poverty.

The final book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality — A Final Warning to the Human Race, will give all the details about human existence, even everything you could possibly want to know. And most of you aren’t going to like it! Why? Because you’ll realize that your mortal life gave you all the proof you needed to realize why you will never be a creator or overseer.

When our work is complete, and you die, you will then know that solving poverty was way down on your “bucket list” of things to do while mortal — things that make you comfortable and happy. By reading this book, you’ll begin to realize just how evil you really are, when you once thought of yourself as a good person.

You are not a good person. And don’t call me good, or I’ll respond:

“Why callest thou me good? None is good, save one, your True Self.”

And then you might ask, “Well what can I do to help with the MWAW?’

And I’ll answer, “Thou knowest the commandments about being a good, nice person to others.”

And you might say, “All these things I have done my entire life.”

And I’ll answer, “Yeah, but thou lackest yet one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute to the poor the way I am going to teach you, and thou shall have all the treasure you would want in heaven. Come, follow me. Do what I do.”

Oh, but you can’t do what I do.

You wouldn’t be happy doing what I do.

I’m not even happy doing what I do.

The difference is,

I know what to do, and you don’t.

Depart from me, ye that work iniquity!

But anyways …

Enough for today …

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