Who are the Real Illuminati® … really? Why have they given up on this world after billions of years? The answer: they no longer have faith or hope in this world.

September 29, 2022

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Yesterday’s revelation that the Real Illuminati® have finally decided to give up on this world was a shock to a few who have followed their work — a Marvelous Work and a Wonder® — for many years.

Some are confused because of what I have previously revealed about this solar system (the sun, earth, and the rest of the planets) and the human experience meant for it.

I have explained that some of Earth’s very first inhabitants would come back at a time when it could benefit those who live upon the earth, convincing those who live upon the earth of how to make the Earth experience the best it can be for the human experience.

I said a lot of things in the past.

“I was instructed to give people hope for the future, by explaining things in a way that provided people with a degree of comfort, knowing that it might be possible to save humanity from complete annihilation. The Real Illuminati® have withdrawn this instruction from me.” (I took this quote from yesterday’s post.)

I’ve explained that, when I was first contacted and recruited by this group in 1991, I had a hard time accepting that they were going to continue to perpetuate the lies of religion in completing the second part of their new American scripture — what their Book of Mormon describes as The Sealed Portion. They convinced me to at least give them a chance. They explained to me that there were quite a few people who were looking forward to the prophesied sealed portion coming forth.

I am amazed that most people who claim a belief in the Book of Mormon never read and study it enough to realize that the Book of Mormon is only the lesser portion, meant to try their faith. And, if they reject this unsealed portion, they will not only never receive the greater portion, but “they are taken captive by the devil, and led by his will down to destruction.” (See BOM, Alma 12:9–11.)

It’s more amazing to hear LDS/Mormons claim that their church is not worthy of The Sealed Portion yet.

Yeah! If they’re not worthy of receiving the greater things, then why are they not worthy enough to receive it?

When the Real Illuminati® first recruited me, I argued that more lies on top of the other lies already accepted by most people, especially in regards to the Bible, weren’t going to do any good. They explained that people needed hope in order for their faith to lead them to good works (i.e. charity), and eventually to the Real Truth® — “the mysteries of God in FULL.” (See BOM, Alma 12:9–11.)

They explained that whatever it was that people had faith in, regardless of its falsity, caused people to hope.

They explained that, if we take away people’s hope, people’s faith cannot lead them to anything good (good works).

I was selfish then. I had hope without believing in any of the nonsense presented by religion based on faith. With the type of intelligence I had received, I had faith in nothing any longer. How could I?

I was living a very happy and fulfilling life with the knowledge I had received from my transfiguration in 1987. After I understood everything that there is to know about human existence, life became fun and enjoyable.

I loved living like the poor, migrating wherever the work of producing food was, just like millions of the “least among us” do. (See this important post on what I know is the most important employment on Earth.)

During the first four years after my transfiguration, I couldn’t have had any greater hope.

However, my hope was not based on faith. Again, I had faith in nothing. If I couldn’t see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, or touch it, it didn’t mean anything to me.

How could I possibly have faith in anything when “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen?”

For example,

The substance of having faith that there is a Christ who is going to appear, kill all the wicked people, and save all the righteous ones, gives a lot of hope to people who are suffering and don’t know where to turn.

Just the idea that someone is watching over them, and will eventually come to Earth and set up a righteous place for them to live, provides a hope that motivates people and keeps them from being depressed in an unfair and unjust world.

After my transfiguration, this idea was ridiculous to me.

I knew that I, and I alone, am the HOLY TRINITY and power of my existence. I knew that I, alone, am the “Father (Elohim), the Son (Jehovah), and the Holy Ghost (Michael).”

Here’s an excerpt from my autobiography regarding my transfiguration:


(Beginning excerpt from The Man From Joe’s Bar and Grill, Chapter One.)

In short, I found out that the General Authorities of the LDS/Mormon Church were not who I thought they were: true Apostles of Jesus Christ.  As a Security Officer, I saw them behind the scenes.  How they acted in public and private was often very different.  Nevertheless, I knew that I belonged to the only true and living church of God.  Men were fallible.  But the truth could not be … so I was convinced.

All of these events and my personal, intimate investigation into the behind-the-scenes actions of the LDS General Authorities, especially in the aftermath of the Hoffman bombings, led me to a special room on the upper floors of the Salt Lake City LDS Temple during my security rounds during the early morning hours of June 16, 1987.

I was working the 11 p.m. (on June 15th) to the 7 a.m. shift.  My job included roaming the Church grounds where I had been assigned for that shift.  As I entered this special room, I found myself in the room where the Twelve Apostles meet.  The room seemed round and beautifully adorned.  There were twelve elegant chairs placed around the room in a circle.  A table sat in the center of the circle on which the LDS scriptures were sitting.  There was about a 3′ x 4′ photo of each of the Twelve Apostles hanging on the walls, perfectly placed and centered behind each chair.

I stood in the middle of the room and looked around the room.  I choked up and began to cry as I looked at each of the Apostle’s pictures staring back at me.

“How can these worldly successful men be God’s true Apostles?” I cried out loud.

I fell to my knees and cried to the only God I thought existed,

“I need to know if these men are your servants and if this is your church!” I cried.

I heard a voice in my head.  It said, “Who else would you have me lead this church?”

I looked up at the Apostle’s pictures again.  As I looked at each, their worldly profession came to my mind, “Of course, a doctor, a lawyer, successful businessmen!  These are the leaders that the people want to lead them!”

Then at the very end of this thought I felt an immediate surge of energy flow through my body.  I can only explain it as the same type of feeling that one gets when one is watching something that makes the “hair on your back stand up.”  But this feeling was far from scary, it was incredible!  I had never felt a feeling like I did then, nor have I felt anything like it since.

My brain was transfigured.  From that very moment on, my entire perception of life was completely different than what it had been just the moment before.  I knew who I was and why I existed.  I knew that the only god that existed was me, and that everyone else was an equal god to me.  I knew the reality of human existence, that mortal life is a dream experience playing out in the mind of my highly advanced, eternal Self. Ironically, this is exactly what the temple endowment play was trying to teach through its symbolic presentation.

As I rose up off the table upon which I was leaning, I smiled and let out a bit of a laugh as I walked out of the room.  On my way out of the temple, I remember putting the pieces of the puzzle together of the temple endowment that Joseph Smith had given his followers.  He told the Real Truth about human reality—who we are and why we exist—perfectly and clearly, although symbolically.

All of the endowment presentation is symbolic.  But taken as it is, it is profound!  The god, Michael, is put to sleep and begins dreaming that he is Adam.  Adam is put to sleep as Adam and dreams of Eve being created from his body, and then living in the Garden of Eden where they are tempted by Lucifer, who is their brother.

Listen closely to Grandpa [my autobiography is dedicated to my grandchildren, most of whom will know nothing about me],

The character representing Michael, a god, was put to sleep by the characters who played Elohim and Jehovah in order to begin the dream experience of becoming the mortal Adam.  Because of my transfiguration, I could remember things about past lives that I couldn’t remember with my normal brain.  I immediately recalled the final scene of the original endowment presentation that Joseph Smith showed for the first time in his Red Brick Store located in Nauvoo, Illinois.  The very last scene of the original presentation showed Elohim and Jehovah waking Michael up from the dream.

I laughed as I thought to myself, “If Brigham Young hadn’t removed that last scene, the Saints would be terribly confused about what had happened to Adam, Eve, and Lucifer when Michael woke up from the dream.”

At that time, I didn’t use a lot of profanity, hardly at all, with my normal brain.  But as I was walking through the tunnels that lead from the Salt Lake Temple to an outside door near the west gate of Temple Square, I exited the door and thought: “These people don’t have a fucking clue what the real truth is!”

And I laughed harder.

(End of excerpt.)



After my transfiguration, it was my personal humility that caused me to think,

“Okay. This is what happens to anyone who does what Joseph Smith and I did — ‘ask[ed] God with real intent’ willing to accept whatever answer one receives.”

I thought that there were lots of people who had experienced what I just did.

So, when in 1991 (four years later) I met others like me, I didn’t have a problem, nor did I think, at the time, that we were the only ones upon this earth who had experienced this transfiguration.

I didn’t see myself as anyone special. I knew that all humans were equal to me as eternal, advanced beings participating for the same reasons in this game of mortal life.

And, I knew that I didn’t need any more lies to get me out of the lies that had controlled me all of my life (for 25 years).

Therefore, at that time, I had a basis for my argument against continuing the lies presented in the Book of Mormon.

I reasoned,

“I received this transfiguration, and I was equal to everyone else. Therefore, others could experience it too, IF they are humble enough and willing to accept whatever the answer was, after sincerely asking God, with real intent.”

Yeah, my recruiters and mentors let me figure it out on my own.

For twelve long years, I rebelled against the idea of presenting more lies to counter the lies that create faith and hope — that cause good works.

I was terribly mistaken. I was wrong!

People need their faith in order to mentally survive in this world. Their faith causes them to hope in whatever they have faith in.

And whatever they have faith in determines their works.

For example:

The LDS/Mormons, who have faith that the Book of Mormon is another “word of God” and a true account of the ancient history of the native American peoples’ ancestors, should be engaged in the good works that the Book of Mormon instructs them to do.

Now, this would be great, if it wasn’t for the Real Truth® that these people do not have faith in the Book of Mormon.

These people only have faith in the leaders of their church.

Therefore, their faith in the Book of Mormon was tried … just like the book’s main author, Mormon, told the readers of his record their faith would be tried, and they failed miserably “unto their condemnation”:

“And these things have I written, which are a lesser part of the things which he taught the people; and I have written them to the intent that they may be brought again unto this people, from the Gentiles, according to the words which Jesus hath spoken.

“And when they shall have received this, which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe these things then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them.

“And if it so be that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, unto their condemnation.

“Behold, I was about to write them, all which were engraven upon the plates of Nephi, but the Lord forbade it, saying: I will try the faith of my people.”

—BOM, 3 Nephi 26:8–11.

The LDS/Mormons chose to follow the counsel and lessons of their leaders over “the lesser part of the things which [Jesus] taught the people,” as well as all other Book of Mormon teachings.

These people’s faith in their leaders gave them the hope that they would receive the reward promised by their leaders. Their leaders told them this reward would be a result of having faith in their leaders and doing the works that their leaders, not the Book of Mormon, taught them to do.

These people’s works are a manifestation of that in which they have their faith secured, and that in which they have hope — everything influenced and taught by their leaders. The reward they hope for is that, by having faith in their leaders, they will be saved with their families in the Celestial kingdom of God, which is not a teaching found anywhere in the Book of Mormon.

The LDS/Mormons are not the only ones whose faith is secured in false teachings from which they receive a false hope for the future. Again, this faith and hope in something false leads them to do works that are far from good.

Americans have faith and hope in their government and in their nation. This patriotic faith that generates hope falsely causes them to assume that they are the greatest people on Earth, and that their Constitution and government are guided by a god in which they have placed their faith and hope. With this kind of faith and hope, the Americans have been and are responsible for many of the social problems happening throughout the world.

It comes to this …

No matter how strong your faith, no matter how much you hope, if your faith and hope are based on something that is not real, or rather, is not Real Truth®, your works — the result of your faith and hope — will produce no real good.

How is having faith and hoping that Christ will come back and solve poverty and misery going to end poverty and misery?

When a person possesses this kind of faith and hope, the person will do nothing to end poverty and misery, having faith and a hope that Christ will take care of it when he’s ready to take care of it.

In the case of the LDS/Mormons, they have faith and hope that their leaders will always know God’s will for the world; and that, if God really wanted to solve poverty and misery, God would instruct their leaders on how to do it.

So it is that there is nothing worse and more contrary to good deeds (works) that can actually make a difference in our world (like solving poverty) than faith and hope.

The Real Illuminati®’s biblical book of Revelation gave people hope and comfort that a Christ would return with “a sharp two-edged sword coming out of his mouth” to usher in a millennial period of peace and prosperity.

Their new American scripture, the unsealed Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion provided similar hope and comfort.

They wrote these two scriptures in an effort to establish faith and hope in something good. Their efforts would have been successful at inspiring good worksIF people had actually read and paid attention to what they read.

It appears that LDS/Mormons couldn’t care less about the Book of Mormon. They have their leaders. And the Christians couldn’t care less about what the book of Revelation says, they have their leaders, preachers, and teachers.

However, in all of the Real Illuminati®’s writings, they added a caveat explaining that good things will not happen as long as people’s faith and hope are based on the wrong things.

This is why their new American scripture, the Book of Mormon, was written with the premise that the foundation upon which people should build their lives is contained in the simple words that came out of the mouth of Jesus. He gave these words to the Jews and repeated the exact same things to the BOM people. (Just like I explained in yesterday’s post.)

Once a person has an understanding of Real Truth®, faith and hope are no longer relevant to the person. The person already knows what really happened in the past, what is really happening today, and what will really happen in the future. There’s nothing to hope for; therefore there isn’t anything that can be “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” — the Bible’s definition of faith.

The ONLY purpose of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is to give the people who choose to participate in the mortal experience upon this earth the chance to learn the Real Truth®, so that they can do the works that can create a perfect living experience for humans.

There is not a problem in this world that I cannot explain how to properly fix without affecting the free will or life experience of others.

However, because people have placed their faith and hope in things that are not real, and which only benefit them and no one else, the easy solutions to all the problems that can cause misery to humans will never be fixed as long as these kinds of people exist on this planet.

Let me give you a great example of this:

There are animals, and plants, that can kill people. Humans do everything in their power to kill the tiny viruses and bacteria that can kill them. But there are a few who fight to protect the animals and plants that kill humans.

The simple solution to end any and all animal attacks and encounters with animals and plants that can kill humans, is to eliminate all of them … ALL OF THEM!

In other more advanced worlds, humans do NOT allow any animal or plant to exist that could kill a human … ABSOLUTELY NONE! Every plant and animal that is created and allowed to thrive in these worlds benefit human beings and would never hurt or attack a human.

This is such a simple solution.

But try getting environmentalists to support killing all the animals that can kill humans. Their reasoning and justification for allowing these dangerous life forms to exist is that these life forms were here before humans, and are part of a natural environment that needs these types of animals and plants in order to exist and flourish — a false premise upon which these particular people’s faith and hope is based.

These types of people (conservationists) couldn’t be more wrong.

Human technology and advancements can control animal populations for which conservationists claim predators are needed.

The Real Truth® is: every plant and animal, virus or bacteria, was created by human beings living in advanced societies that existed long before our current one.

Think about it …

Conservationists have faith and hope that what they believe about nature is true — that a symbiotic relationship between all life forms, with each other, is necessary for balance and proper order.

Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice human life for the sake of … what? … of their own ego and pride generated by their personal faith and hope.

Because their faith and hope are established on something that is not true, the works that result from the support of their egos and pride KILL HUMAN BEINGS … or at least cause a lot of fear in humans who have to live with these legally protected animals, which people would otherwise kill in order to protect themselves and their children.

If conservationists based their faith and hope on the Real Truth® — that all plants and animals were and are products of human invention and creation — then these types might realize that a terrible human being invented the lion that devours a helpless little fawn while still alive.

What kind of human being likes to see any animal being killed and devoured by another animal?

No human in their right mind enjoys seeing these types of things.

Because there are humans among us who don’t have the right mind, and their faith and hope are based on a false perception about human existence, the rest of humanity must live in fear of animals and plants that can kill them.

Crazy, huh?

Let me give you another example of a simple way to solve a problem that creates misery, suffering, and inequality among humans. (I’ll be presenting many more details about this simple solution in our upcoming book, One People, One World, One Government.)

I’m going to solve the problem of education.

Education is only available to those who can afford to pay for it.

Furthermore, education is not readily available to a lot of people who live in areas where there are no schools.

The Internet is available almost anywhere in this world where humans live. With the right hardware (computer or smart phone), a person can access the Internet.

Let’s say that the best professor of science teaches at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning known by the world.

With the right software and hardware, this ONE TEACHER’s classes and lectures could be broadcast FREE OF CHARGE on the Internet throughout the entire world for anyone to learn from.

The text book that is required for the class could be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE from the Internet.

(A Harvard tenured professor hardly has the time or ability to know and communicate with the 100 or more students that attend each class. So, the excuse that in-person learning is the only way to educate is shortsighted and mute.)


The government need only hire ONE GOOD TEACHER … and let the teachers compete for who is the best teacher … to educate millions of people at the same time, FREE OF CHARGE. This teacher will be paid a premium for being the ONE GOOD TEACHER from whom millions of students want to learn.

There isn’t a person on this earth who can logically and prudently argue against this solution to end the problems of educating the people in this world … EXCEPT FOR TENURED PROFESSORS AT THE THOUSANDS OF HIGHER EDUCATION SCHOOLS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD WHO WOULD LOSE THEIR VALUE AND INCOMES.

If the world no longer needs a bunch of teachers, because just one can teach millions of students on the Internet at the same time, the value of teachers goes down.

However, the quality of the teacher will go up as all the teachers began vying for the coveted teaching position — to be hired to teach millions of students on the Internet. (The details about all of this will be given in the chapter I write about education.)

I could give a simple solutions to ALL of the problems that face humanity, from being afraid of animals and plants, to receiving a PhD in any subject taught by the best professors in the world, as well as EVERY OTHER PROBLEM THAT HUMANITY IS FACING.

Nevertheless … alas … the animal rights activists and the teachers’ unions are going to fight tooth and nail — even killing a True Messenger who can explain these solutions — to protect their individual faith and hope, the very essence of their ego and pride, and the personal worth and value to which they have become accustomed.

Now, some more incredible Real Truth®:

The advanced humans who connect to the mortal human experience in this world, do not connect to serve the ego and pride of others. They connect to serve their own. They choose this world because of the limitations and restrictions that were incorporated into this Earth’s experience that allow them to serve their pride and ego, benefiting only themselves.

This world is not a highly advanced human world. There are many in our galaxy that are, but not this one.

In a highly advanced human world, the inhabitants control the weather, the environment, and every life form, plant, animal, virus, or bacteria. They control everything so that nothing corrupts this perfect human experience. These controlled environments SERVE THE INHABITANTS living in this type of world.


If an advanced human wants to participate in a world that is far from perfect, so that they will be allowed to serve themselves or be served by other humans, they will elect to find a planet that is not perfect and is not controlled.

Our earth is the perfect place for them.

Now, think about this …

People come to this earth to have an experience in which they are not controlled in any way. They choose this world because they will have the ability to create things and do things that might not be perfect for the perfect world, but that serve their personal needs and wants of serving themselves or being served by others.

This earth was created in the beginning to provide these type of non-controlled, free willed experiences that are otherwise not available to those who choose to live in a perfectly controlled environment in an advanced, perfect world.

The measure of the creation of this earth is to provide any advanced human desiring to come to this world with the ability to either serve themselves or be served by others.

The Real Illuminati® have always existed on this planet to do everything possible to help maintain the measure and purpose for which this earth exists.

Being born into poverty does not allow a person to exercise their individual free will to engage in the mortal life experience meant for this solar system by serving themselves, if that is why they chose this planet. Poverty impedes free will and destroys the purpose for which this particular solar system exists.

“Poverty” means the inability to live and exercise your free will because you’re being forced to work and act in order to have the basic necessities of life. When you’re unable to exercise your choices based on why you chose this Earth as the place you wanted to have a new human experience … the measure and purpose for which this earth exists is thwarted and no longer works.

For billions of years, throughout six different time periods when humans flourished upon this earth, this group of highly intelligent people has been working behind the scenes to ensure that this solar system continues to exist to fulfill the measure and purpose of its creation.

They have failed.

Six times is enough to prove to all other advanced humans that the current state of the environment of this world, along with the restrictions and limitations incorporated into it, CANNOT FULFILL THE MEASURE OF ITS CREATION.

This earth, as well as the rest of the planets and asteroid belts that exist in our solar system (all of which were created, and destroyed, during other of the five past dispensations of human time), no longer serve any proper purpose. This solar system does not serve the needs of ANY advanced human trying to find a place where they can exercise their individual free will without being controlled by the environment in which they are experiencing life.

It has been tried long enough.

These incredibly intelligent people will no longer try to make it right. They cannot.

All advanced humans living in other places in our universe will know of the failure of our solar system. Because of its failure to fulfill the measure and purpose for which it was created, AN EARTH AND SOLAR SYSTEM LIKE OUR CURRENT ONE WILL NEVER BE CREATED OR ALLOWED AGAIN.

The next time we set up a place like this earth, we will consider the limitations and restrictions that were in place in the one that failed, and adjust them accordingly so that another earth … like unto the ones we have heretofore formed, will properly serve the needs of those who choose it as their next mortal experience.

To the chagrin of my critics and enemies, I have now revealed that I am the one chosen to be the Overseer of this solar system.

But now, I have no hope in being able to fulfill this role, and I have ZERO faith that the people who come to this earth will ever succeed.

And so it is, that this world has nothing to fear while I am still alive upon this earth fulfilling the role that I wanted to fill. And, after I die, this world will have a few more years of existence … until the one … the “one like unto the Son of man” … completes the last task he will ever do for this solar system. (Yeah, as that twelve-year-old boy experimenting with nuclear fusion in his basement.)

That there was a lot, Folks!

But think about it,

If the solutions to all of the world’s problems are that easy, and we can’t get enough people to support these easy solutions because their faith and hope are misguided, and in being misguided they are finding value for their ego and pride,

How can anyone have any faith in humanity, and hope that things will get better?

Keep in mind, the Real Illuminati® do not have faith or hope. They already know what happened in the past. They can see what is happening currently. Based on this intelligence that they have, they have NO HOPE for the people of this world.

They will be gone soon.

As soon as they trust that I can do this alone.

They know that I can do this alone.

And I’m almost there in having faith and hope in myself!

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