Why I no longer discuss anything with people who believe that they receive inspiration and guidance

August 3, 2021

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I recently blocked a man who wrote that he was very interested in the information I put out on the Internet. He claimed that what I post helps him to, “discern truth from error. You have been the best example to me.”

He wrote:

“Your sealed portion teaches not to trust in the arm of flesh, then you immediately turn around and try to get people to trust you. It’s a two way street, a double edged sword.

“I trust the Holy Ghost.”

When he wrote that he trusted “the Holy Ghost,” was the moment I knew that this man was not teachable, and I was wasting my time engaging him in any discussion.

Further, his passive-aggressive mention that I am the best example of his ability to “discern truth from error,” spoke volumes about his insincerity. Also, because he called The Sealed Portion, “Your sealed portion,” it was obvious that he had already convinced himself … or better, his Holy Ghost confirmed it … that I was solely responsible for writing The Sealed Portion, and that the Real Illuminati® do not exist.

This man pretends to be kind and sincere. He has deceived many people into thinking he is. But he can’t deceive me. I’ve dealt with his kind too many times. These types have egos that are bigger than their bodies … think about it and look at his picture and compare it to known photos of Brigham Young. Yep, the guy actually thinks he was someone important in another life. Maybe these types eat enough to appear like the man they wish they could be … I don’t know … Oh Dear! I have met so many of these types. Sigh …

I will not waste my personal time discussing anything with anyone who believes that he, she, zi, or hir …

… I think this is the new way of addressing people who do not identify as “he” or “she” … Ah, the PRIDE that makes things up to show people that “I am valuable and good because I am standing up to you and proving that I am different than you” … I often write “they” to show my respect for the choice of a human to be whatever gender (or not) THEY want. However, if you are one who does not respect others, in how others identify you, and you are insistent on forcing another to call you “zi” or “hir”, I am not going to waste my personal time discussing anything with you. Your ego is way too big for me.

But anyways … Where were we? … Oh, yeah … I will no longer waste any of my personal time discussing anything with people who believe that they have the ability to receive information from any extrinsic (outside) source other than their OWN brain and thoughts.

I wrote about something happening to my own brain on June 16, 1987, while I was praying in the Salt Lake City LDS/Mormon Temple, in the upper room exclusively designated for meetings between the LDS Twelve Apostles.

As a Security Officer, I was doing my expected security rounds. Despondent because of my dealings behind the scenes with the LDS General Authorities, and desperate to know if the god I had believed in for 25 years actually existed, I cried and prayed sincerely and with all the power of my soul. That’s when what I call the “transfiguration” of my brain took place.

Yes, a very profound physical sensation seemed to surge from my head to my toes. After this sensation, I immediately realized that no one was hearing my prayers and that I was the only god that existed and gave me inspiration and guidance. I knew then that my brain was my only god. This is the moment when the LDS temple endowment presentation* made complete sense to me.

*For those who don’t know what goes on in all those beautiful LDS/Mormon temples—briefly, the faithful, full-tithe-paying members of this church watch a presentation that they believe is the most sacred saving ordinance they can receive while mortal. They are taught not to speak of it or discuss it outside of the temple.

The presentation was first presented to the early members of this church in 1842, but has been grossly changed since Joseph Smith introduced it.

What the members of this church do not realize is that Joseph Smith did not teach the members ANY of the “mysteries of God.” He tried, but when he tried, the members couldn’t handle the Real Truth™.

If you’ve followed the work of the Real Illuminati® that they have allowed me to share with the world, you would know that the Real Illuminati® were completely responsible for recruiting Joseph Smith, as a young American teenager, to help them publish their Book of Mormon in 1830. (They recruited me to help them publish the sealed, “greater portion,” of their Book of Mormon in 2004.)

As I have often been frustrated with our (Joseph’s and my) recruiters, so was Joseph at times. It is VERY hard to give people what they want, how they want to receive it, knowing that you are lying to people.

(I didn’t start telling the Real Truth® about how things really are until around 2012. And it wasn’t until 2016 that I was FINALLY allowed to start telling the “mysteries of God” in FULL.)

Joseph wanted to tell people the FULL Real Truth™ about what was going on. It is reported correctly in LDS/Mormon history that Joseph told his close followers that,

“If I revealed all I know about the mysteries of the kingdom of God, you would rise up against me and kill me.”

Joseph Smith was never allowed to tell the people the Real Truth™ during the many years that he was trying to give the people the religion and church they wanted, mostly under the direction of the Real Illuminati®.

For those who know the Book of Mormon story, the Real Illuminati® introduced themselves as the “Three Nephites” and “John the Beloved” in the book’s narrative.

To show Joseph just how deceived and foolish the people who were following him (i.e., the early Latter-day Saints) were, the Real Illuminati® helped him write a play in which they symbolically presented much of the Real Truth™.

They wanted to prove how blind and reluctant people are to change what they believe, no matter how the presentation of Real Truth™ is given.

The LDS/Mormon people look WAY beyond the true meaning of the endowment’s symbolic meaning … WAY! THEY TURNED A SIMPLE PRODUCTION OF A PLAY—MEANT TO TEACH A SYMBOLIC LESSON—INTO A PERSONAL SAVING TOOL. Good Lord, what arrogance and pride!

The ORIGINAL play was profound … more than profound, it was incredible … but only if you understood the Real Truth™, or rather, the “mysteries of God in full.”

An LDS/Mormon person would have to lie to not admit the following three facts about the presentation of the play:

1. After Adam and Eve are kicked out of the Garden of Eden, Elohim and Jehovah—Heavenly Father and Jesus, respectively—have NOTHING to do with the “man Adam in the Telestial world” … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. These two gods do not hear prayers from the mortal world, nor is either deity aware of what is going on with Adam and Eve in the fallen mortal world. True Messengers are sent to “return and report” what is happening in the mortal world.

2. When Adam prays for the “further light and knowledge that the Father promised to send” him, the ONLY god that hears and answers his prayers is Lucifer. Elohim and Jehovah have no idea that Adam is even praying until they are informed of what is going on in the mortal world when their chosen True Messengers “return and report.”

3. In the play, the “man Adam” is actually presented as the god, Michael, who was put to sleep, and then woke up in a dream experience in which he didn’t realize that he was actually a god equal to Elohim and Jehovah. There are just three characters presented to begin the play’s narrative—Elohim, the character representing “the Father,” Jehovah, the character representing “the Son,” and Michael, the character representing “the Holy Ghost.”

Michael is put to sleep and starts having a mortal dream experience on the earth that eventually includes Eve and Lucifer, and one of Lucifer’s ministers. Later in the play, three messengers are introduced, known as “Peter, James, and John.” These eight characters are the only characters in the play.

Joseph Smith knew that every person going through the human experience upon the earth was a god, equal to any form or idea of god that has ever existed. Joseph knew that mortals do not realize that they are actually dreaming gods, asleep in the REAL WORLD where all humans exist as equal gods, or better, as equal advanced human beings.

Joseph knew that when a person prays to any of the gods that have been invented during the mortal experience, the person’s prayer is only heard and answered by their own ego. (The character, Lucifer, represents the ego. During the play’s presentation, any prayer that Adam offers is ALWAYS answered by Lucifer.)

To placate Joseph’s desire to at least try to share the Real Truth™ with his followers, the Real Illuminati® helped him write the endowment play the way it was ORIGINALLY written. The final scene of the ORIGINAL play showed the characters representing the gods—Elohim and Jehovah—waking up the god Michael from the sleep they had put him in, ending the dream of mortal life.

Because Brigham Young didn’t have a clue about the Real Truth™, Young couldn’t explain to his followers what happened to Adam, Eve, and Lucifer when Michael was awakened from the mortal dream of life.

So, as is the case with Young’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, when its leaders can’t explain something, they do one of two things: (1) They simply change what they can’t explain into something that the people want to hear, or (2) they tell people that they (the people) will be condemned if they start discussing the possibility that their prayers are NOT being heard by Heavenly Father or Jesus, and that Lucifer is the only one leading, guiding, and walking besides the people.

BTW … By the way, ALL religious leaders of EVERY religion on Earth, including ALL of the LDS leaders, were represented by the character in the ORIGINAL play known as the Preacher. In 1990, the modern LDS leaders couldn’t have their followers make that connection when the members of this church watched the endowment presentation, so the corrupt leaders removed the Preacher character entirely. Go figure!

And once the word starts getting out about how ignorant, blind, and foolish the LDS/Mormons are in believing that a simple play is the most important saving ordinance they have, the corrupt LDS leaders will probably remove the entire play, or somehow dumb it down by changing it. But anyways …

I know that no human can, has, nor ever will, receive inspiration and guidance from any source other than the person’s own brain, which is ALWAYS influenced by the person’s ego. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what I say to the person … it doesn’t matter how much logic and reason, evidence, and profound information I share with that person, any person who relies on their “Holy Ghost” WILL NEVER ACCEPT ANYTHING THAT TAKES AWAY FROM THAT PERSON’S EGO.

The only people whom the Real Illuminati®’s information reaches and helps are those who set aside their egos and admit to themselves that they have been deceived by outside information put into their heads since they were little children. These must return to becoming like a little child again. This time, however, while growing up mentally and intelligently, they must NEVER believe anything that doesn’t make complete sense. And, they must NEVER follow or believe in anyone who cannot answer questions properly, where the answers make perfect sense.

The Real Truth™ cannot, and will not, compete with the ego. For this reason, the following statement has become a registered trademark of the Real Illuminati®:

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

If you believe that there is a higher power than yourself, I’ve got nothing for you. I cannot help you find Real Truth™. And I’m not going to waste my time trying.

People who believe in a higher power outside of their own brain cannot be convinced that their brain is SOLELY responsible for the information their brain receives. They might not trust their own brain, but they trust their HIGHER POWER. Therefore, it is very difficult to convince them that they might be wrong. How can God be wrong?

But anyways …

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