Yeah … IF these Jewish/Christian/Islam scientists were correct about the existence of Adam and Eve

January 2, 2022

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Christians point to genetics breakthroughs to show Adam and Eve are not incompatible with evolution

Yeah … IF these Jewish/Christian/Islam scientists were correct about the existence of Adam and Eve …

Then they would still have to explain where all that dark skin came from.

Yeah … the curse of Cain, carried on through Noah’s son, Ham, who married a black woman.

REALLY!? You racists!

These dudes can turn anything into a myth … Very similarly to how mainstream media journalists turn Real Truth® into distorted journalistic opinions that support the opinion of whomever signs their paycheck.

Oh, my! This world needs the Real Truth® more than ever.

Yep … As the Real Illuminati® prophesied about their work—a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®—in bringing the Real Truth® to the world:

The MWAW (Real Truth®) will either lead the world to peace and life eternal, or deliver the people of this world to the hardness of their hearts and blindness of their minds to their own destruction.

Alas … sitting alone in my own “cavity of a rock” watching the world fall apart.

Am I sad?


I’ve been warning people for many years. Yep … Just like that Ether character presented in the Real Illuminati®’s new American scripture.

How many people listened to Ether?


With all the patience I can muster …

The Americans are idiots!

The only thing that will ever cure the myths of religious belief … is death.

When they die, they will know the Real Truth® about all things … especially the things that they DIDN’T do while experiencing mortal life.

Now, I sit back and watch from my cave.

Sigh … Sigh … Sigh …

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