Zeitgeist of Real Truth® Episode 1 – A Sharp Two-Edged Sword


October 9, 2021

Zeitgeist of real Truth®

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Editor’s summary:

“Zeitgeist of Real Truth® simply talks about a transformative period … in the human mind that opens it up.”

None of us know how to properly think. We have never been properly taught, in fact we were not allowed to think critically as children. Our brains were trained, and have become addicted to, a method of reward and punishment. When we hear something that feels confusing to us or that disagrees with what we’ve learned in our lives, our brain punishes us by creating an uncomfortable feeling. This causes us to close our minds to new ideas. If we hear something that agrees with our already established “truths,” we are rewarded by a comfortable feeling. This creates great problems in this world. We have all been disempowered in this way since childhood, taught to wait for a reward from our God/Allah/Heavenly Father. Too many people in power believe in a higher power (reward) to come and save this world.

The Real Illuminati® has used this reward/punishment system of teaching to help us clean out our minds and open them up. The method they use enables us to begin to learn to think critically again. The key is to become as little children, forgetting everything we’ve learned thus far (excepting, of course, the Real Truth®s that have been proven over time — e.g., how to build something, mathematics, etc.). We should “stop worrying about what you can’t see or what you hope for in the future. All we can hope for as human beings is that we finally return to being little children again, open up our minds, work together, start seeing each other like we did when we were little kids, work together to create a better world.”

Real Truth® is things that don’t change. Science can learn some Real Truth®s by their observations and experimentations. Real Truth®s are applied to technology. This is how we can change “laws” of nature. This can be demonstrated by the ability we have now to fly an airplane. We can also create a body asexually. As science develops and learns more Real Truth®, they will be able to create a sun. To further demonstrate, Christopher revealed for the first time that Advanced Humans created this planet perfectly but, as people began to corrupt it, a group of people created a new sun and planets and left this earth to be there. We can see people in our day working on the same kinds of ideas. There are rich people who are trying to escape to another planet to create a better life for themselves.

There were several callers who called in with questions about The Humanity Party®. Some ideas discussed were how taxes will be affected if people are given their basic necessities, environmental issues, what people do when given cash, what needs to be done to have a cashless society, and how curbing inflation will affect business. Basic answers and explanations were provided but we were all encouraged to study the website and the proposed constitution to find answers to our questions.

End of editor’s summary.

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